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Throttle Therapy

Somehow Sundays have always ended up being Royal for Throttle Shrottle, they maybe a usual holiday for many but for throttle they are all about Riding, events and much more. We are always in talks with someone or the other to throw some new creative idea which lands up on a Sunday it could be art, motorcycling experiences, discussions, music, racing, skills etc.

The footfall on a regular Sunday is that of 700 approx. people and when any event then the number doubles. Number of people who come here are bikers wanting to talk about their motorcycles or something they have in mind with somewhere they have a likewise community and these people know they are at the right spot.

It’s all about showcasing their motorcycles and skills with having a place where they could sit over a nice meal and talk. Starting from night till Sunday ends we have groups come in, since the very beginning of throttle Sunday has been the most trending and throttle has never failed to give them a new and refreshing experience each Sunday they walk in, something is always new, something has always changed or some brand is giving them a look at their new motorcycle, it could be anything but new.

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