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Chai - Pakora Ride

IBW Activation Ride

Each Year since the very beginning of India bike week Throttle Shrottle has always been a part of the ride after all wherever the motorcycles are Throttle is always there.

For those who have a fetish for bikes, the event is unmissable. The event would witness a splurge of tourists sweeping in from across the world. Throttle Shrottle announced to the crowd of Delhi and NCR upon what all to look forward while visiting the IBW in Goa with a simple Chai pakora ride.

Throttle Shrottle had a footfall of 1000 approx. riders come in to join the activation ride and know more about the event by the core members of India bike week.

Some of the highlights for hosting this event were as follows: -

1. Global Speakers Experienced bikers and motivational speakers will be sharing their biking escapades. Some of which include Manas Dewan & Anuradha Bhonsale Dewan, Girish Venkatraman, Deepak Kamath, Sukesh Viswanath, Debashish Ghosh & Dharmendra Jain, Alex Chacon. 2. Eminent Bikers Lead Bikers of the world like Rok Bagoros, (International Celebrity Stunter), FMX 4 EVER, (International Freestyle MotoCross Team), Aishwarya Pissay, (First Indian Athlete To Win A World Title), Rajini Krishnan, (First Indian Winner of Asian Road Racing Championship) and Simran King, (National Champion for JK Tyre 1000 CC Category), Ashish Raorane will be showcasing biking skills and stunts for amateurs. 3. Racing Events Harley Davidson's Flat Track Trimmed Trials race, School of Dirt Hill climb race and MOTO MOB are some of the full-fledged biking content available at the event. 4. Biker's Training Big Rock Eduro Training Academy would be hosting training sessions for interested participants and visitors.. 5. Women Bikers Presence of some renowned Women Bikers including Dr Maral Yazarloo Pattrick, Neharika Yadav, Anam Hashim, Sonia Jain and Sanika Mehta is the prime highlight! 6. Bikes on Display A plethora of antique bikes ranging from Vintage, Classic to Large Bore bikes in India will be showcased by Swaran Bajaj, Hafeez Contractor and Jehangir Faroogh, Barn Cafe by Garage Built Motorcycles, RC Tracks. 7. Retail Stores Over 120 shops selling bike accessories will be putting up stalls out of which Performance Racing Store and Big Bad Bikes are sure to be present. 8. Get Grooving The music by some eminent artists like SU Real & General Zooz, Ritviz, Pineapple Express, Best Kept Secret along with L.Y.D. who will perform LIVE at IBW, will keep your spirits high!

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