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Two Stroke Motorcycle Show

A Tribute event organized at Throttle Shrottle for 2 stroke motorcycles after the ban for the same, due to many reasons but this did not stop Throttle to have a tribute ride specially set up for them.

Anyone who owned a 2 stroke and people who wanted a last ride all gathered together with their two stoke motorcycles to showcase various builds of the machine.

The history of 2-stroke motorcycles

They are quick and light, smoky and loud, consume gas at a reckless rate, and will leave your jacket smelling like Eau de Castrol after a long ride. We’re not talking about De Havilland biplanes here, but rather 2-stroke motorcycles. Built in vast numbers in Italy, Germany, England, Spain and especially Japan during the 1960-70s, 2-stroke bikes were relatively simple, cheap to build, and offered excellent performance for their size. As such, in their time they were the perfect prescription for fun on two wheels.

For the uninitiated, in lieu of a four-stroke engine’s valve train, 2-strokes use ports in the cylinder walls to transfer the air-fuel mixture into and the exhaust out of the combustion chamber. Ingeniously, in its simplest form a 2-stroke engine has just three moving parts, and delivers power with every crankshaft revolution instead of every other revolution for a four-stroke.

2 strokes engines are not fuel efficient and emit more pollutants than four stroke engines. Since India has implemented emission standards of BS-IV, the two stroke engines are unable to meet the requirements of the pollution norms, that's why vehicle manufacturers were forced to switch to the four stroke engine.

Like the horse and buggy, in their era 2-stroke motorcycles were a highly useful technology that eventually got left behind. That’s good news for collectors today, as they’re cheap, plentiful and fun – and range from mild to wild

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